Our projects

naše projekty

During their long existence Kvapocky have sung many many songs. We have recorded three casettes and in 2003 we managed to create our first CD.

We meet every Saturday to practice at Cukrova street and once a month we sing at the Sunday service. We are glad that we can share our joy with other people and sometimes w ego to Betania, a home for sick elderly people. Maybe once a year we organize a bigger tour. This year we plan to go to a festival in Wales.


In several past years:

· Christmas Eve program (2005) · CB Bratislava

· a concert with a Salezian choir in Bratislava (2004)

· meeting with Jana Nagajova (2003) · poems JN and songs with her texts, CB Bratislava (fotky)

· autumn tour (2002) · concerts in Slovak towns Nesvady, Dudince, and Levice (poster, photos, review)

· Windmills (2002) · concerts in Slovak towns ilina, Star Tur and Bratislava (poster, photos)

· Courage (2001) · trip to Tajov and a concert in Slovak town Banska Bystrica

· Tremendous Trifles (2000) · concerts in Slovak towns Michalovce, Preov and in Bratislava (photos)