Kvapocky (Little Raindrops) were founded in 1968, in the times when Czechoslovakia was struggling with the darkness of the communist regime. Young student of music in Bratislava, Milica Kailingov (born Machajdikova), was a conductor of the Youth choir at Cirkev bratska church and she thought she would like to work with kids. One of the men from the church told her that there is a need of a kids choir in the church and that became an impulse for her decision. In the school year 1967/1968 a group of 15 children from the church started to meet and sing together. When they were told to make up a name for the choir, one of the kids suggested Little Raindrops according to a book by a Slovak writer Kristina Royova "The Little Raindrop`s Journey".

This book for children tells a story about a Little Raindrop that desires to fall down to the earth and become part of an adventurous pilgrimage through stream and river to the sea. Before that she has to promise that she will "do only good while on earth". So the journey starts. She learns how to be responsible but she often fails to keep her promise. When she comes to the sea, suddenly she realizes how dirty she is and she understands the consequences of the bad things she has done. She desires to go back home and be clean again. But the sky is so high, so far away. How can she get there? The Sun hears the Little Raindrop`s cry and stretches one of his rays to help her. The Little Raindrop sits on it and the Sun lifts her up. Everybody gives her a warm welcome.

The essence of the choir has been the same throughout the years. The name of the choir is a symbol of our desire to "do only good while on earth". Saturday has become a Kvapocky day. Although in the "relay-race of faith" there have been generations of singers and leaders, every Saturday the kids open the heavy wooden door of the Cirkev bratska church at Cukrova street and they meet to sing, play, think, learn, create together. From the very beginning Kvapocky have spent some time together during summers at the summer camps that offer space for developing the relationships.