Pinhole Workshop

One of the conditions to become a knight during our camp was to become proficient in some trade. I held an alchemy workshop for 6 kids, where everybody made their own pinhole camera, exposed and developed negatives, and made positive photos as well. We met 4 times for 2 hours, and here are the results.

Photos by Hana, Jakub, Mato, Dano, Marusa, Barbora, Ivan & Daniel (8/06).


photo by Lena Kusnierikova

photos by Hana Kerekretyova (10yrs)

photos by Jakub Krupa (13yrs)

photos by Mato Kerekrety (12yrs)

photos by Dano Machajdik (12yrs)

photos by Marusa Michalova (11yrs)

photos by Barbora Gvozdiakova (13yrs)

photos by Ivan Siller (thanks for the help with the workshop)

photos by Daniel (my photo on top is by Lena)