Kvapocky - summer 2005

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Kvapocky kids choir, 30 kids, 15 adults, 2 weeks. Tents, no electricity,
lots of rain. Kacov, Czech Republic. Photos by Daniel (8/05).

Our Space Deratization Unit comes to clean the REP planet from monsters. However, this turns out to be harder than first thought ...

More photos: portraits of the kids, portraits of the team.

the camp at night

building the monster alarm systems
(Debora Pastircakova & Kristina Uhlikova)

there are shadows in the mist

... scanning the planet surface. scanning the planet surface.
i have detected five strong sources of energy. printing the map.
printing the map. printing the map. maximum error four and a half.
four and a half ...
(sounds from our radar)
(Lena Kusnierikova & Zuza Kerekretyova)

the first monsters were real. wasps. tons of them. we caught them.
(Rastik Hrbek)

we built our water power plants. a huge storm took them away later ...
(Mato Kerkrety, Stevo Machajdik & Richard Danel)

fighting sickness with healthy stuff :-)

the rain is here ... we sit in.
(Tereza Michalova)

preparing Tereza's birthday
(Jana Kerekretyova & Debora Pastircakova)

the rain is over
(Adam Matej & Szili Czefalvay)

raising eyebrows
(Jano Machajdik & Maria Kerekretyova)

moving the sick kids between tents

when things go wrong
(Ester Duriskova & Mato Kerekrety)

evening singing
(Dajanka Kubanova & Ester Kordosova)

morning sun

not all feel well
(Beny Cicel)

but some do
(Ester Kordosova)

writing "emails"
(Hana Kerekretyova & Nina Hojnosova)

getting ready for a soccer tournament
(Debora Trebulova)

(Maria Kerekretyova)

cleaning up a tent
(Lena Kusnierikova & Tereza Michalova)

making things from wire
(Veronika Dovalova)

evenings in a big tent

a sunny day

fun in Kacov on merry-go-rounds
(Dajanka Kubanova)

is the future in the matches?
(Jonatan Pastircak)

what next?
(Adam Matej)

get ready for the Galactic Harp (our annual original music competition)
(Kristina Uhlikova)

how to fight Lyme disease (a scientific conference contribution)
(Zuza Kerekretyova)

another morning

after feeding a spider

let's all go hug Kristina
(Kristina Uhlikova)

wild woman
(Veronika Michalova)

we've got a map!

the last campfire

by the fire
(Jano Machajdik)

our Space Deratization Unit